1. Ultralight and modular architecture: the machine is literally 90% air.
  2. Movement: crops advance through system from seed to harvest.
  3. Reservoir and harvest: Gravity: a wonderful cost free tool. We only require pumping water up and its self aerates back to sump. Harvest simply falls gently into distribution bins.
  4. Multiple crop classes: Currently offered: greens and herbs, marijuana, plant meats.
  5. VPT™: in situ seeding, seedling and clones.
  6. RZE™: the 4th controlled grow zone
  7. AirFrames™: granular, per leaf gasflow
  8. Directed Phototropism: granular per leaf photon delivery
  9. Sub system neutral: use any OEM you like
  10. Minimal waste stream: the scrim is a fraction of the material of polybonded plugs etc. Current scrim is recyclable. We will eventually offer compostable solutions.