Indoor growing allows the complete control of all macro environmental, micro environment and all macro and micro biological processes. If it can be measured, it can be engineered. In other words, all the bits and pieces come together in wonderful new ways to grow food incredibly fast that is perfect in taste, texture, color and nutrition. With the AutoCrop systems architecture, the enclosed units allow the creation of a tuned micro environment by unit or by production line. These environments are completely separate from the macro building environment. This means each standalone machine, production line and crop have completely tunable grows.

Here is a one stop, freely accessible place to find the recipes by crop: for Canopy environment, gases, Airflow, light, nutrients, root zone, and the RZE™.

Canopy environment recipes: Canopy air temperature, humidity. This is mostly solved by generations of greenhouse and current indoor producers. Tuned by crop and growth stage.

Gas recipes: In a indoor grow, the air our plants breathe is completely tunable. When plants wake, sleep and throughout the grow cycle, we can optimize what they need to grow.

AirFlow recipes: Our proprietary AirFrames™ allow granular, per leaf, filtered and conditioned airflow to deliver our gas recipes, provide necessary plant vibrations, and velocity. We can throw air to wherever is needed. Tuned by crop and growth stage. Prevents or disrupts pest and pathogen cycles.

Light recipes: LED lights are tuned to the spectrums and outputs necessary for plants. This science is evolving at a rapid pace. We work closely with our OEMs and producers for the lates data and will freely share all current and future research.

Nutrient recipes: Seems really easy to just throw some NPK in the mix and see what happens, but in a closed system, precision matters. By crop and by growth stage.

Root zone recipes: The AutoCrop fields can be sterile and heat treated per cycle or flora and fauna such as nitrogen fixers can be introduced to create a living field biome. Such a system can reduce inputs and add to plant health.

RZE™ recipes: Our proprietary root zone environment. All of the above are completely tunable within this distinct and separate grow zone.

Stay tuned.