AutoCrop’s tools are quite literally the foundation of Ag 2.0 for a urbanized world. The value of any new tool is in the hands of the end user. Just add 1 part grower’s knowledge + 1 part grower’s methods + 1 part modern peripherals and 10X part new tools and we have a recipe for exciting new paths forward! This site is to educate, immortalize and grow the knowledge base. We have invented high volume continuous production lines for multiple crop classes and have coined many terms. We know our stuff inside and out, from fields to track. Our products and our system are designed with care and research – a science that requires a common vocabulary like any other professional field. If you ever wonder about a term we use on our site, take a look here to see what we’re talking about.  

Ag 2.0

The crops come to you.


AutoCrop’s proprietary enclosure system for micro environment control with granular, per leaf canopy airflow and photon delivery system.


Our fertilizer is a proprietary blend of 11 herbs and curated poops to dramatically increase production. Just kidding on this one! For now anyway. Hehe.


AutoCrop’s proprietary toolbar and track assembly that the vertical fields advance on from seed to harvest. Also forms the top barrier of the RZE™.


AutoCrop is OEM tech neutral. Our architecture serves as a base for many wonderful bolt on solutions as any client preferences demand. However, as we work towards driving costs out of the system, many OEM subsystems will become integrated subsystems throughout our OS as an all in one solution available for our clients.


Per Wikipedia – In physics, a fluid is a substance that continually deforms (flows) under an applied shear stress. Fluids are a subset of the phases of matter and include, liquids, gases, plasmas and to some extent, plastic solids. Fluids can be defined as substances that have zero shear modulus or in simpler terms a fluid is a substance which cannot resist any shear force applied to it. 


 All other systems treat the medium the crops go into as a cheap after thought. Didn’t anyone learn from the Three Little Pigs? Seriously? At AutoCrop, we are the opposite, our plants deserve better. We design and engineer our vertical field architecture for each and every crop. Fields first, everything else, after. The units and the enclosures are designed around the field architecture. You are worth it, my mostly green friends. Grow, my little friends, grow.


Multiple MegaFarm High Volume Continuous Production Lines. Strategically located globally.

Health is Wealth™

You get to choose what you put into the temple that carries you through life. Everyday.

High Volume Continuous Production

AutoCrop’s ability to add throughput requires the vertical field architecture to move through the system from seed to harvest. Period is defined by month, week, day, hour or minute. Always seeding. Always growing. Always harvesting.

Precision AeroPonics

With accelerated growth, we needed a better way to irrigate. Our proprietary AutoCrop™ Aeroponics are a elegant solution for nourishing our roots.


Multiple AutoCrop™ Vertical Crop Machines joined together to form a High Volume Continuous Production Line. The crop come to you.


Per Wikipedia – A mix of organisms that coexist in a defined space on a much smaller scale.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

AutoCrop is designed to be OEM neutral. The AutoCrop system does not require any particular OEM for: lights, gas, environmental, data acquisition, computer programs or irrigation. A producer can use what they know best on the AutoCrop machine.

However, for our AirFrames™, we really like the following OEM products as they are really quite efficient, generate less waste heat and the form factors fit nicely into our designs by design!

Light: Fluence™ RAZR 4 LED for directed phototropism. Growfilm Patriot Plus.

Gas: the digital Hyper Fan® technology to distribute our gas mixes.

Production Line

Oxford dictionary: An arrangement in a factory in which a thing being manufactured is passed through a set linear sequence of mechanical or manual operations.


Operating System. Common term in the computer and software industry. The AutoCrop architecture is a simple machine I/0 processes driven system on a physical drive train. It is as close to the physical/digital divide as physically possible. We are currently on OS 1.0. What will 2.0 look like? We can’t wait to get there.


All of the modern things around the grow such as lighting, sensors, data, algorithms etc. 5 years ago these were immature and expensive. Today, these have achieved efficiency, scale and system maturity. These systems will continue to advance and are commodities available to all. AutoCrop™ system architecture is peripheral and data neutral. Producers can use what they know, their own preferred secret sauce is a bolt on solution.

Root Zone

The area where soil and oxygen mix. All plants require a root zone. This term is generally recognized in terrestrial farming as the zone in which the soil, worms and bugs, biom, amendments, atmospheric gases, and roots all interact.

This area is an open-air mix zone, meaning that it is not a defined, controllable, interior space. A terrestrial farm field is a root zone. A flower pot with media is a root zone. Hanging baskets are another example. Hydroponics are the same.

With the AutoCrop system, root zones can be designed for a specific crop, and contained within the RZE™.

Root Zone Anchorage 

At AutoCrop, we define crop classes by root anchorage requirements. Generally speaking, the larger the canopy, the thicker the root zone anchorage layer. The AutoCrop system can grow any crop class.

Root Zone Biome

AutoCrop RZE™ microbiome: Populating a vertical field with the desired flora and fauna recipe optimized by crop to increase yield and decrease use of expensive inputs. 

Root Zone Environment, RZE™

A Root Zone Environment or RZE™ is a proprietary field interior work space that can be environmentally and fluidically manipulated. RZEs can be defined as a separate and independent grow zone between the field supporting film, the bottom gutter, and the top rail. In simpler terms, RZEs are distinct, controlled grow spaces. The RZE™ is the fourth grow zone.


The amount of material or items passing through a system or process.

Vertical Farming

We define vertical farming as a true and functional 90 degree turn from traditional, horizontal grow systems.

Vertical Field Architecture

AutoCrop’s proprietary suspended vertical field and root zone anchorage architecture. Other system view the foundation to the grow as a afterthought. a low cost necessary means. AutoCrop is the opposite. We believe the foundation of a ecosystem system is worthy of the cause. We engineer and build our field architecture for each and every crop. Our greens our worth it. A true and functional 90 degree turn from horizontal grow systems. Our Vertical Fields are ultralight with a scalable system architecture built for continual, repeated grow cycles that offer both root anchorage and a contained root zone-fluidic interaction zone. This forms a Root Zone Environment RZE™ with the ability to grow from seed, seedling, or clones, while being hostile to pests or pathogens.

Vertical Propagation Technology or VPT™

Vertical Propagation Technology or VPT™ is AutoCrop’s proprietary in situ seeding system. No poly bonded plugs or conventional media required.


AutoCrop’s proprietary in situ seeding tool. Handheld or automated.